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Flow Simulation and Analysis

Lecture given in a conference

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"Analysis and consultation of Flow simulation - Moldflow Insight Ultimate."
  1. Prediction of resin flow
    *General flow prediction only
    *Injection rate analysis of 2 patterns or more
  2. Prediction of fiber orientation
    *Includes orientation analysis such as pseudo aluminum filler.
  3. Prediction of warpage
    *Analyze more than 2 patterns for comparison.
  4. Analysis of your request
    *Customization analysis ... NDA concluding is required.
  5. Analysis including the suggestion of RUNNER design
    *Proposal that supported the hypothesis of more appropriate runner design by flow analysis.
! The analysis result may be different from the actual molding phenomenon.
!! We will not guarantee that the analysis result will be exactly the same as the actual molding phenomenon.
!!! If you do not supply us 3D product DATA, we will create 3D DATA and get your approval. In this case, the DATA production cost is added to the analysis cost.
!!!! The cost will be estimated according to the difficulty of analysis of the request.
flow simulation and analysis conference Moldflow Insight Ultimate