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Flow Simulation and Analysis

Lecture given in a conference

Shigeru Takemoto, CTO of Nisshin, has been a renowned lecturer of flow simulation software, and knows how to get the most out of simulation and analysis. And here is why.

Unlike most of today’s engineers who have only limited experience in a specific field of profession in a company, Shigeru Takemoto went through virtually every aspect of injection molding, from materials, injection molding machines, mold design, devices and equipment, infrastructure, configuration thereof, factory planning, construction, and renovation, you name it.

Countless struggles in solving highly entangled situations, which most ordinary engineers would have given up, eventually gave him a unique status as a professional in injection molding phenomena.

What unleashes the true power of flow simulation and analysis software is not only the dexterity of program, but a person with a broader perspective and profound experience. Software is a tool, and it’s very convenient, but it is all about how to comprehend and interpret what the software offers.

flow simulation and analysis conference

So we, Nisshin, dare to ask you the following questions:

Do you think the software is effective enough to solve your troubles in injection molding phenomena?

Do you think the software is for solution, or merely for simulation?

Do you think you are getting sufficient support from your software vendor in terms of problem solving, other than the operation of software?

Now, Nisshin is open to any of such issues mentioned above. We can provide professional analysis for fellow injection molders. We also help software manufacturers and vendors who need professional advice to improve their products, and also need support activities for their customers.

So think about a visible difference in the quality of your products as well as in the cost of development, which may bring recurring and lasting benefits to you.