Technical consultation services
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Technical consultation services

Technical Consultation Services

With our profound experience in injection molding, Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has been providing technical diagnosis and consultation services to manufacturers that are struggling to obtain intended results in terms of manufacturing processes and quality of products.

We know that some companies with large scale factories are often having difficulties in orchestrating a factory in a harmonious manner. Sometimes, it is quite hard to locate sources of problems. Causes can be in many factors, such as materials, machines, or skill level of workers, or combination of some of or all of such factors.

Though Nisshin Industrial Ltd. is now an R&D-oriented injection molder, we actually had so many problems in the past and struggled so hard to fix those issues. Today, we use such experience of improving ourselves to help our clients achieve better yield rate, finer finish, optimization of processes, and elimination of flaws, etc. Those clients include some of the leading companies in electronics and automotive industries in Asia and Europe.

CTO of Nisshin has been a lecturer of Moldflow, a flow simulation software, and taught useful tips and tricks to audience at international conventions and also to international companies.

If you are eager to bring some fundamental changes to your manufacturing processes, but don’t know where to start, Nisshin Industrial can provide a one-stop solution to your company. Depending on the range of technical contract, what we can provide includes thorough technical consultation to put your injection molding technique on a higher level, technique about designing or using molds, better material selection, flow analysis using Moldflow, and how to make full use of those elements.


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