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About Nisshin Industrial Ltd. Thinking out of the box, Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has always been breaking the limitation of conventional injection molding, and implemented the most unique technologies in injection molding engineering.

Some of those developments include; paintless metallic plastic, filler control technique, and plastic PES lens. Quality of our paintless metallic parts is already proven and used in European models of Honda 06 Civic.

As a full-range solution provider in injection molding engineering, we have considerable expertise in developing unique resin products, special injection molding machines, and unique resin materials developed in collaboration with material/compound manufacturers. We also provide our cutting-edge solutions to overseas companies in the forms of consultation and technical licensing.

Nisshin’s Activities in Europe

About Nisshin Industrial Ltd.

World Trade Center

Nisshin Industrial Ltd. is a member of World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrucken having an official address at 4, rue Marconi F-57070 Metz, France with the phone number of +33 3 87 20 19 45. We have been in talk with several companies in Europe about technical cooperation and consultation services to offer. This strategic location in East France right next to the borders of Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg would be our door to whole European continent. Moselle is not only physically located at the center of Europe, but has many automotive-related companies, cutting-edge plastic material manufacturers, and research institutes. While land cost is quite low compared to other region in Europe, Moselle holds talented, yet open-minded, multilingual labor force.

We also have been actively working with Moselle Development Agency to look for potential opportunities of cooperation in the fields of automotive, medical, material and others in Europe.

In November, 2015, Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has exhibited our products at COMPAMED, a trade fair for medical technologies, in Dusseldorf, Germany. One of the visitors to our booth had to say “you guys must be extremely skilled at injection moulding to achieve such a high level of surface flatness” looking at our extra-thick-wall plastic lenses (31 mm thick, 5 μm flatness). The level of surface flatness was something he had never witnessed. Another visitor looked at our metallic plastic products and said “is it plastic?” Overall, we believe we have given some noticeable impacts to the audience in the medical exhibition.

PRESS RELEASE from Moselle Development and WTC: in English / in French

Nisshin's visit to PLASTINNOV
Article from Moselle Development Agency

WTC Metz-Saarbrucken
Moselle Development Agency

Awards and Credibility

Awards and Credibility

Nisshin Industrial Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified company and continually improving our quality as a manufacturer/technology developer. Ota city, the heart of precision manufacturing in Japan, granted the Most Excellent Factory Award to Nisshin Industrial Ltd. Also, our company's chief technical officer won the Next Generation Meister Award given to those who have achieved remarkable technical innovation.

Nisshin's chief technical officer Shigeru Takemoto has been granted the highest-ranking injection molding engineer license from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in Japan.

Corporate Data

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Corporate nameNisshin Industrial Ltd.
Establishment July 1, 1969 (as a sole proprietor in April 1963)

President Moriya Takemoto
Moriya Takemoto, President

Capital 10,000,000 yen
Head office and factoryAddress: 2-39-2 Chidori, Ota, Tokyo 146-0083 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3750-7593
Fax: +81-3-3757-4384
Yamanashi factoryAddress: 8818 Anayama, Nirazaki, Yamanashi 407-0263 Japan
Moselle officeAddress: 4, rue Marconi F-57070 Metz, France
Phone: +33 3 87 20 19 45
Scope of business ■ Manufacture, assembly, and sales of molded plastic products
■ Design and sales of molds for injection molding
■ Sales of powder compacting products (metal and resin)
■ Sales of rapid prototyping products
■  All operations related to the above
BanksHigashi Nippon Bank Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd.
Main customers Mitsui Kinzoku ACT Corporation
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.
Toyo Brother Kogyo K.K.


Started providing repid-prototyping products
1963Founded as a sole proprietor company
1969Incorporated as a corporation with capital of 800,000 yen
1978Acquired "Saito Production Ltd."
1980Capital increased to 2,000,000 yen
1985Yamanashi factory established
1986Capital increased to 8,000,000 yen
1990Expanded the workshop area of Yamanashi factory
1996Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen
2003Won the Most Excellent Factory Award (1st place award) at Ota City
2004 Exhibited at Ota Industrial Fair. Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has been exhibiting at this expo annually since 2004
2006Started metallic resin molding
Certified ISO9001 at Tokyo head office and Tokyo factory
2007Certified ISO9001 at Yamanashi factory
2008 New Tokyo office and factory building established
2010Developed our original orientation control technology
Exhibited at Ota Manufacturing Solution Fair 2010 (OMS 2010)
Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has been exhibiting at this expo annually since 2010
2012Developed our original intrusion (flow molding) technology
Won the Most Excellent Factory Award (overall title) at Ota City
2015 Moselle office opened in France

Access Map

Tokyo head office

Tokyo Head Office

2-39-2 Chidori, Ota, Tokyo 146-0083 Japan

■Access to Tokyo Head Office
Take Tokyu Tamagawa line to get to Musashi Nitta station. Take a three minute walk to our office.

Yamanashi factory

Yamanashi Factory

8818 Anayama, Nirasaki, Yamanash, 407-0263 Japan

■Access to Yamanashi factory
Take Cyuo Expressway to drive to Nirasaki interchange section, from which it takes 10 minutes by car. Or Take JR Chuo Main Line to get to Nirasaki station, from which it takes 10 minutes by taxi. Because of the steep downhill, walking from Anayama station is not recommended.

France Moselle branch office

France Moselle Branch Office

4, rue Marconi F-57070 Metz, France
TEL:+33 3 87 20 19 45

■Access to Moselle Branch
Take TGV train to get to Gare de Lorraine. From the station, it takes 30 minutes by taxi.
Or from Gare de Metz-Ville station, it takes 10 minutes by taxi.


Long-fiber filler orientation technique | Paintless Metallic Plastic | Plastic PES lens

Flow Simulation and Analysis | Technical Consultation Services