Paintless metallic plastic technology
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Paintless metallic plastic technology

Paintless Metallic Plastic Molding Technology

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Esthetic advantages No peeling on surface coating, no wastes in energy and paint, only environmentally-friendly solution that can raise the value of products. Yes, we have eliminated the need of airbrushing on our metallic resin products.

With our filler control technique, uneven distribution of color tone can be preventad and weld line is eliminated to give your products esthetic advantages.

Color variation of paintless metallic plastics

Upon your request, we can adjust color to suit your need. Let's think out of the box. Think of omitting the need of airbrushing or plating. Stop worrying about peeling, and start saving your cost while making the product more durable at the same time.

Since our paintless metallic resin products have no surface coating, they withstand long period of use without any concern about esthetic deterioration. So anything that has to withstand repetitive touch, such as interior door handles of cars or buttons of contorollers, would be a perfect application.


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